The Baboom Beats Music App is a library of hundreds of royalty free music tracks with infinate variations that you can use in your own projects. Add soundtracks to your videos or make your presentation more dynamic. It has a unique, easy to use and fast search system based on sliders. Slide from sad to happy with the mood slider and hear the results! Use the volume slider to find quiet or loud songs. Each song can be saved out and used in your own project, be it a home video, a presentation, a web page, an e-book or a full blown movie!

The App also lets you loop a song for a specific amount of time so if you need 1 minute 30 seconds of music you can create a music loop for your specific need. You can even create your own loops or add effects such as reverb or flange.


  • Hundreds of songs to choose from
  • When you purchase the app you will recieve new songs and updates
  • Create your own loops
  • Add effects and customise the songs
  • Export to iTunes
  • Browse the library by styles
  • Use the 'World of music' 3D globe to play songs
  • Hot link to wikipedia for music styles





Bring your projects to life!

  • Add the perfect sound track to your home movies!
  • Make your photo slideshows that bit more special.
  • Make your Powerpoint or Keynote presentations come to life!
  • Add sound tracks to your web page and e-books
  • YouTube videos will have a more professional feel to them with a custom sound track. Avoid those copyright warnings!

Get the right music

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